What is himynameis.com and the HMNI App?

himynameis.com and the HMNI app were born to make your life easier! Sharing your social handles has never been simpler and effective, your social gatherings have never been more friendly, and hosting events has never been easier!

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Connect Easily

HMNI allows you to share your social handles instantly! Share your pre-determined social or work profile with a new contact or be extra selective in what you share.

With the helpful sorting functions, you'll be able to track down a contact whose name you've forgotten – simply sort by the event or date you met them on/at.

Fast Connect!

Share social handles quickly

Be Selective!

Shares as much or as little with someone at a click of the button

Track Down a Contact

Helpful sorting functions to remember where you met someone, track down a contact whose name you've forgotten.

Your Data is Safe with Us!

We don't sell your data to third parties and we don't track your activity outside the himynameis website and the HMNI app.


Host an Event

Friendly Events

Make your event a friendly place by printing badges from the himynameis.com website so your guest can engage with one another more easily.

Print Badges

Print badges from the himynameis.com website and write or have your guest write their names on them.

Enjoy reading large, easy-to-read names!

Want to Stay in Touch?

Simply have your guests download the HMNI app and scan the QR code on your new friend's badge.

Badges are Perfect for...

Parties, weddings, quiz night, and so much more!

Perfect Host

Always wanted to be the perfect host?

Arrange fun door prizes & follow up after with Thank You emails!

Door Prizes

Arrange door prizes and have your guest scan your Event QR code in hopes to be the potential lucky winner!

Send Thank You E-mails

After a fun night of hosting a friendlier event, himynameis.com enables you to send Thank You emails to your entire guest list simply. It could be easier!

Sign In To Host An Event

Often Asked...

How does himynameis.com and the HMNI app work?

HiMyNameIs and the HMNI App connect people.

They connect people to each other and businesses to new and existing customers. It also helps make social and networking events more fun & useful.

See the videos on our social media channels to help understand how we can help you make your life easier!

Anyone can download the HMNI App on either the IOS App store or the Android Play Store.

Once you are signed up, you are officially a HMNI! You can populate your personal profile on the app with your social and work handles. When you want to share these with other HMNIs, you can connect via displaying a ‘Personal QR code’ on your app and them scanning it on theirs. You can keep your data safe and only share it with people whose request to connect you choose to accept. You can then manage your profile and your contacts sharing more or less with them as your life changes.

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Sign up for an account on the HiMyNameIs.com website.

Sign in to your account and click on ‘Host an Event’. Give your ‘Event’ a name. Upload your logo and a strapline that will appear on your Event QR Codes. Download the print files we prepare for you and print as many copies for your event. Then, ask your customers to use their HMNI App on their phones to snap the ‘Event QR code’ printouts to connect to your Event so they can receive further promotions from your company.

After the Event, you can sign in to your account on HiMyNameIs.com and download a file containing the email addresses of the HMNIs who attended your Event thus making your ongoing marketing and follow up so much easier!

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When you host an Event you can choose to print badges on which your attendees can write their name. No more awkward anonymous meetings, just friendlier events where everyone knows each other’s names! Attendees can then use the HMNI App to scan the QR codes on each other’s badges to connect. And, hosts can also print ‘Event QR codes’ where attendees or customers can sign up to be kept in touch with special promotions.

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The monthly subscription costs USD $5 which allows Hosts to access emails of the HMNIs who attended their Events. A Host can then download their attendees’ email addresses to follow up with further promotions, thank them for attending, or other similar emails.

No, we do not sell your data to 3rd parties. HMNIs who attended events and snap ‘Event QR codes’ or Badges will have their email addresses only shared with the host to allow the host to follow up with further promotions, thank them for attending, or other similar emails.

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